Breaking News:Twitter Fans Responds as Ka3na and Lilo's Evicted from Big Brother's home.

Here is the glimpse of the responses on Twitter following Ka3na and Lilo's removal from Big Brother's home. 

The primary evition of the season 5  of Big Brother Naija was hung on Sunday, August 2, 2020. 

Ka3na and Lilo were the main housemates to be removed in the wake of going through about fourteen days in Biggie's home. This was anyway made conceivable after Big Brother's touch of the game. 

Big deal had recently reported that the four housemates with minimal number of votes would be helpless before different housemates. 

After the Coalation, the two women got minimal number of votes from different housemates. 

Here are a portion of the responses on Twitter since Lilo and Ka3na's ousting from Big Brother's home. 

Responses to the housemates votes

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